Education Evaluation Services

Education Evaluation Services: Course-by-CourseHawk Intelligence is offering International Education License and Education Evaluations for those who qualify.

Forms will be uploded at a late date.

  • Direct ECTS to US Course Credit Evaluations.
  • Credit and grade equivalents for university level courses
  • Identification of undergraduate or professional studies
  • General evaluation of Secondary School (high school)
  • Included in Fees are the shipping rates to the state board of License Request
  • $50 to expedite to 7 work days. **MUST HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS READY.
  • Price: $260 With 14 day Delivery (with proper documentation)


    Carreer and Educational Services:

    International Education Acceptance:
    For those looking for assistance to find their next school and to transfer to the US, Canada, or EU Universities.  Hawk Intelligence offers education Assistance programs to search for grants, scholarships, and research Universities that will be the best fit for pricing and education backgrounds.
  • $250 - Full Focus Education Research, with Career guidance.
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